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      Decon Property Management, under the property management business of GolinkGroup, was established in November 2018 to assist and strategically cooperate with GolinkGroup's diversified development of property management in Fujian.

      Decon Property Management Co., Ltd. mainly manages 4 owned property projects as well as office areas and shops. , Respectively, Decon Hardware Logistics Park, Nantong Town, Fuzhou City (covering 48 acres with a storage area of 40,000 square meters), Xiamen Guangkou Industrial Zone GolinkGroup Property (covering 53 acres with a storage area of 36,000 square meters), Zhangzhou Gangchang City Industrial Area (storage area of 8,000 square meters), 2600 square meters of commercial space for dry and fresh fruit complex building on Lianjiang Middle Road, Fuzhou, and hardware city stores located in major areas in Fujian Province.

      Along with the group's strategic deployment of “two central warehouses as bases and regional stores with dots and noodles”, Decon Property Management will rely on modern management methods to improve the level of professional property management and realize the group strategy.

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